10 June 2021

Worship: To Stream or Not To Stream

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If there is one thing we all should have learned coming out of the COVID pandemic, it is that our ministries should be able to reach beyond the brick-and-mortar walls of our churches, and that there is a demand out there for those who can’t attend for a variety of reasons such as health and work schedules. Additionally, there are also a couple of often overlooked personas.

The “Wary Seeker”

These individuals are curious about their faith and wants to explore what it is all about, but are scared to set foot into a building. Let’s face it, walking into a building where everyone knows one another, the music, the traditions, and the “secret handshakes” can be very intimidating to someone who is not only new to it all, but still seeking and not necessarily committed to a relationship with their savior yet.

The “Church Shopper”

that are wanting to know what you’re all about and evaluating potential church homes.

While most churches these days have moved beyond distributing their sermons and messages on tape and CD/DVD, and are now using online channels like MP3s and YouTube or Vimeo videos, a great number of churches have not incorporated their entire worship experience into these channels. There are three primary means of accomplishing this:

  • Live Streaming the service real-time
  • Recording and mixing the service live for later distribution
  • Pre and Post-Production of the service


“The decision as to whether or not you live stream your full service and worship is complex and a variety of factors should be considered. Most importantly, do you have the talent, resources and equipment to do it consistently well?”


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